20th Century Brands Of Cannabis Medicines

These Cannabis-based medicines were produced by well-known manufacturers prior to the 1940s.

Eli Lilly & Co.

Cannabis Sativa Tincture

Tincture No 17


(Cannabis Sativa)


Average Dose  --  15 minims  (1 cc)

The label on this 1/4 pint [4 oz] bottle of tincture doesn't note how much Cannabis is in this particular formulation, only that 88 percent is alcohol and that an average dose is 15 minims, which is approximately one milliliter, or one full dropper in 1-oz of a tincture.

We will find specific information about this specific bottle in an Eli Lilly price catalog in the very near future.


Neuralgic Tablets

This bottle and cork appear to have been unused, which simply means that Prohibition efforts took effect shortly after the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and Cannabis-based medicines were sought out and confiscated, destroyed or preserved by doctors or pharmacists. 

Cannabis content per tablet was 1/8th grain of Extract Cannabis Indica.

Parke, Davis & Co.

Cannabis Indica Extract No. 316

Contents: 1,000 tablet triturates

Dose/Strength: 1/4 grain per tablet

As you can see in the photo, this bottle still contains the majority of the original 1,000 tablets. These were lab-tested in Portland, OR and found to contain CBD, THC and CBN, the compound that THC breaks down to; most notably a compound that aides in sleeping.

The lab report is displayed along with a few others, at the bottom of the page.


Neuralgic (Dr. H. J. Kenyon)

Contents: 500 Chocolate-coated tablets

Cannabis content per tablet: 1/8 grain of Extract Indian Cannabis



Chlorodyne is a generic name for a variety of medicines, many if not most containing Cannabis extracts. This particular formulation from Parke, Davis & Company contained 1/8 grain of Extract Indian Cannabis per chocolate-coated tablet.

The damage to this bottle occurred on the way to the second lab to test these few bottles, when a driver slammed on their brakes and caused the box carrying the bottles to launch off the truck seat and crash onto the floorboards. Although three bottles were inside the box, only this one suffered damage.  Ironically, at the first lab this cork wouldn't budge so the only way these tablets were tested is due to the damage that allowed the tablets to be accessed.

Sharp & Dohme

Ergotin and Cannabis Indica

Soluble gelatin-coated pills containing Ergotin and Cannabis Indica

Each gelatin-coated pill contained 1/4 grain of Extract of Cannabis Indica

and 1/2 grain of Ergotin, and dosage is noted as one pill. 100 pills per bottle.

Guaranteed by Sharp & Dohme under the Food and Drug Act of June 30, 1906.

Guaranty No. 80.