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Cannabis use has been dated back at least 10,000 years

We're setting up a Cannabis/Hemp history section to show the chronological use of the medicinal and industrial use of the Cannabis plant, but here we're going to feature excerpts from the same collection as the Cannabis medicines. 

Our forthcoming section will begin with the oldest book in the collection which notes Cannabis as medicine, that being the Dispensatory of the United States, in the year 1739 [ MDCCXXXIX ]


1739 Dispensatory of the United States

More about the Dispensatory of 1739

In 1739 Semina Cannabis, or hemp seed, is noted as an alternative treatment for decreasing venereal desires, as well as having some use in treating jaundice, although it is noted it was rarely used. 

You may notice the use of the letter 'f' in place of the letter 's' in the body of the words in this time period. Words that began or ended with an 's' still did, but the letters in the body of a word were changed to 'f' for some reason.

In 1739, George Washington was six years old and hadn't yet cut down his father's favorite cherry tree. I've speculated young George had early visions of farming hemp, which he did later in life on his estate at Mount Vernon. Chopping down his dad's cherry tree was just a sacrifice of necessity. 

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1862 A Conspectus of the Pharmacopoeias



Eli Lilly farmed their own Cannabis during WWI

During World War I, Eli Lilly was forced to cultivate their own crops to supply their medicines. As noted in the Lilly self-published historical account of the companies first 70 years, Threescore Years And Ten [1876-1946] lists Cannabis as one of the crops which the family-owned business had to farm themselves.


1834 Dispensatory of the United States

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