Corn and Bunion Medicines


Rawleigh's Application For Corns

Each fluid ounce of this corn treatment contained 71 minims of 

Fluid Extract Cannabis Indica. A minim is the equivalent of one 

drop from a standard dropper. Standard droppers dispense

approximately 600 drops per fluid ounce.

Handy Corn Plaster

Handy Corn Plaster

"Manufactured for the Chamberlain Medicine Co. in Des Moines, Iowa"

This Handy Corn Plaster contained 43 3/4 grains of Extract Cannabis Indica in each ounce, and was guaranteed under the Food and Drugs Act of 1906, like many other Cannabis medicines at the time.


Corn Husker

Corn Husker from Boise, Idaho

A remedy claiming treatment for corns, bunions, 

callouses, warts, moles and similar conditions. 

Each fluid ounce contained approximately 48 grains

 of Cannabis Indica Extract. This particular bottle is 

approximately 10mL or 1/3 of a fluid ounce and 

would have contained approximately 16 grains of 

Cannabis Indica Extract.

Mitchell's Corn Liquid

Mitchell's Corn Liquid

The contents include 2% Cannabis Indica in a 25% alcohol base. 


The Full Description

Mitchell's Corn Liquid

Cannabis Indica 2%  Alcohol 25%

A painless and speedy remedy for HARD and SOFT CORNS, BUNIONS, WARTS, ETC.

DIRECTIONS - Apply night and morning with glass rod attached to cork for 4 or 5 days then soak the feet in hot water to remove corn.

Keep tightly corked when not in use.


Prescription Druggists

353 Atlantic Ave., opposite Revere Beach and Lynn Station, Boston, Mass.

Hilton's Corn Remedy


Hilton's Corn Remedy

Another remedy to treat corns and bunions, this one containing 

10% Cannabis Indica, manufactured in Portland, Maine.


Two ingredients are listed on the box

Salicylic Acid 20%

Cannabis Indica 10%


The Hilton Drug Store was located at 129 Congress Street in Portland, Maine

 during the 1920s. Theara Hilton and her husband ran the operation and lived 

above the drug store for many years.