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Cannabis Medicines

Our mobile exhibit features a handful of Cannabis medicines that are more than 75 years old, a majority of which still hold the original contents. We can only display the bottles with contents in states where Cannabis is legal, and will present alternate bottles in states and countries where Cannabis isn't legal.


Historical References

Our mobile exhibit also features an armful of historical references to Cannabis as medicine, our earliest to date is from 1739 and notes that Cannabis Semina, or Cannabis seed, was used at times for treating two primary conditions; jaundice, and to quell sexual desires. The collection comes complete with that old book smell and an optional take-home guide.

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Where To See The Mobile Museum

 We'll provide a list of conferences and events where our mobile museum can be seen in the summer of 2019, coming soon.  

Invite our Mobile Museum to your Cannabis/Hemp event!

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The Cannabis Hemp Museum Mobile